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In Nelson we are blessed with four distinct seasons. Right now with the days getting warmer and with a new Covid level, we should feel liberated and inspired to think about spring veges, salads, new seasons fruit and the pleasures of outdoor dining.

Although the seasons have become blurred and are becoming even more so (new innovative strains of seeds, changes in climate and indoor growing, faster and better refrigerated transport) I still look forward to seasonal vegetables and try to buy in season only. Once you have seen irradiated fruit sitting in your fridge for 3 months (overseas) without decaying, its hard buy anything like that again.

The Nelson Market produce is locally grown and the gate to plate food miles are incomparably low compared with other produce coming into the region. We support local growers who provide high quality organic and non organic produce. Some of our spring and summer favourites soon to be at the Nelson Market include: Apples, Avacados, Asparagus, Beans, Basil and Blueberries…Christmas Cherries and Courgettes… and we are only at ‘c’.

If you want to plant your own vegetables, which may be the perfect antidote to such a stressful and bizarre year, a great place to begin is this kiwi growing calendar.
Full of useful information about what to plant at what time of year, it will get you up to speed and inspired.

Whilst planning ahead is great, naturally you can’t actually plant now and eat now, so grab your basket and head to the market for light, crisp and delicious new seasons veges. What we all need now is sunshine, vitamin c and a catch up over a cuppa.

Nelson Market Editorial: Nikki

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