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A passion for coffee & kārearea

Dana Morgan at The Nelson Market.

Dana’s Coffee Cart Organic Revolution’ is an institution at weekly Nelson Market.  Her distinctive brews and tattoos have intrigued and delighted visitors since she first opened.
In the tradition of seasoned baristas and with little prompting,  alongside making fabulous coffee Dana will share a great passion in her life, which is saving the Kārearea or New Zealand Falcon.   A hero to the Falcon community,  Dana donates 5 cents from every cup of coffee to The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust.

Dana explains why these birds need our help. “One of 38 species of falcon worldwide, the New Zealand falcon is endemic to this country but the estimated population has fallen to between 5000 – 8000. This makes them rarer than the Kiwi now.  You may have thought you have seen one but to an untrained eye it’s easy to confuse them with the common Harrier Hawk (kahu),”  she says.
“The harrier Hawk is quite a bit bigger than both male and female falcons and is in fact almost twice the size of the female falcon.  When flying,  harrier Hawks tend to flap their wings and glide before flapping again as they love to play on the wind currents.  The falcon is much faster and it will normally make a bee line straight for a destination, probably chasing it’s next meal.  It has a constant and rapid wing beat.”

Dana’s coffee contributions go to The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust who have named her a Hero for acting to positively change the outcome of Kārearea survival.
She is committed to helping save our last remaining endemic bird of prey and is supported by The Nelson Market in being permitted to take public contributions.

The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust established in 2008, is only one of two organization’s permitted by the Department of Conservation in New Zealand to hold and breed native falcons.
The Trust is The Nelson Market’s designated charity this month so please support Dana and the endangered falcons by giving what you can.

Donate at Dana’s stall and find out more at The Marlborough Falcon Trust.





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