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Wool is in season

Although  strictly speaking wool is never out of season, the time to envelop yourself in merino, is certainly now.

At the Nelson Market we love natural fibres, the kind that biodegrade and leave little trace once the garment has completed its lifecycle.
As you browse the market or click online you will see merino garments designed to keep you toasty warm and fit your sense of style.

The properties of merino wool are many including being…

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Flexible. Merino wool fabrics let the body move freely thanks to their molecular structure.
  • Warm and cool, sheep’s wool regulates body heat
  • Natural and Renewable. It is a natural fibre. …
  • Safe. It has a naturally high UV protection, which is much higher than most synthetics and cotton.
  • Fire Retardant. A fabric made entirely of wool doesn’t readily catch fire. …
  • Mostly hypoallergenic (some people may react to lanolin vs wool) 
  • Breathable. …
  • Durable. …
  • Easy Care. …
  • Multi-climate – perfect for Nelson and New Zealand’s changeable weather.

 Vicky Jepson of VDesigns makes merino shawls  Available online.

The Vest Practice makes merino vests – all NZ made in Dunedin. Shop online.


Ellabella Clothing Boutique makes cute, colourful recycled wool vests for the little ‘uns. 
Everybody gets to wrap up in wonderful wool this season!




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