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2B Natural Insect Repellent

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2B Insect Repellent - it really works!
2B is 100% Natural, Water Resistant and gives around 8 Hours Protection.  2B is effective against biting insects at home and abroad, and it feels great on the skin.  2B also makes clean burn repellent candles for caravans and homes.  Our main ingredient Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is listed by the NZ Government as safe for use overseas as a reliable alternative to DEET ( Find out more about our 100% Natural ingredients here    

About Us

2B is Paul and Sarah's family business based in Motueka.  Motueka is nestled between three national parks, The Abel Tasman, Nelson Lakes and Kaurangi.

If you have any questions you can speak to us face to face at Nelson Market.  You can also try our tester and see how great 2B feels on the skin, or maybe you'd like to patch test.

We can tell you that 'yes' 2B works even down in the bitiest bits of Fiordland and 'yes' it's main repellent Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is listed on the NZ Government website as safe for use overseas and as a reliable DEET alternative

We look forward to meeting you at Nelson Market. We love to hear your travel stories and see your photos



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