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CLW Creative Laminated Woodcraft Store

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Here you will find an array of laminated woodturning products with new designs coming out all the time. There are also some non-laminated designs like my burl Matai rectangular trinket boxes. I have table lamps, steampunk lamps, trinket boxes (in small, medium and large), bud vases, pencil holders, candle sticks (in pairs) and vases.   [Free shipping within New Zealand]   Please note due to the laminations of various timbers please do not place in direct sunlight as fading may occour and in some case's shrinkage may occour due to excessive heat.

About Us



Hello! My name is Mike Peckham and I live in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. I have lived here for over 37 years, immigrating from the U.K in 1973. My creative laminated woodturning business was established in 1993 and has been responsible for providing outstanding laminated products. I have been woodturning since I arrived and have specialised in laminated woodturning in the last 20 years. My speciality is turning salt and pepper shakers which have established a regular business throughout New Zealand with over 3,500 sets sold. The timbers used in my products are primarily New Zealand natives, however I also use exotic timbers as well.

My love of wood will be with me forever. I find each piece, no matter how small or large, has some character or texture that cannot be repeated in my designs. You might also like to peruse my Facebook site. where you will find more information on what I do. This includes making additions to the machinery I use to produce better products. In the past year, I have been incorporating epoxy resin and colored dyes, including mica powders, in my trinket box lids with stunning effects.


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