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Our original series is our originally inspired range of 3 flavours that we have been brewing in Nelson since 2016. Our kombucha was a mainstay at all the Nelson Markets and a select number of inspired cafes and boutique vendors throughout the Nelson/Tasman region. During this time we built a strong and loyal following by being all-natural, low in sugar and full of flavour. How kombucha should be. Now fast forward to 2020, and we have our very own canning plant! Gone are the days of hand filling and labeling bottles for various orders, we now can 50,000 litres per annum and are smashing sales nationwide.We have partnered with Kahurangi Estate for distribution, and we're leading the charge for a brand new era of kombucha products  

About Us


IT ALL STARTED WHEN…Jake and Brandon have been besties since their uni days - always getting amongst some awesome adventures both in New Zealand and back in their home country of the United States. Both Jake and Brandon have science backgrounds with a joint interest and love for fermenting pretty much anything that’s good for you. Fermenting, partnered with a good sense of humour, a shared passion for the outdoors and Kiwi spirit, brought these two ‘brothers’ together. We thank you for joining us in our journey of great kombucha for ‘late shakers and early wakers’ as we bring the fun side to everything kombucha!

Jake & Brandon

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