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Lambert's Luscious

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From beard oils to high quality safety razor blades, we stock everything you’ll ever need to grow, maintain or, if you must, remove that glorious beard. Get some Lambert's Luscious on your face, make yourself a better man!

About Us

Lambert's Luscious is a company born, like so many others, out of necessity. It is a company also born out of tragedy. In 2011 on May the 21st the day before my birthday my father Don died suddenly of cancer. We all knew he was to die but thought he had months or even years left. He unfortunately thought the same and so had not got his affairs in order. The task then fell upon me to sort out his estate. I went from Wellington, NZ to Brisbane, Australia with the intent to be there a couple of weeks, but learning probate
law and the intricacies of wills and testaments took considerably longer than that. As the days stretched to weeks and the weeks to two months my beard grew ever longer, I was busy and sad, far too much to be bothered shaving.

Then my issues started, itchiness, irritation, beard dandruff! I needed to sort these problems and yet liked what my face looked like bearded, it felt like Dad. Dad was a big believer in finding your own solutions to problems. So I researched what I could get in order to combat these issues, and came upon beard oil, though none was available in Brisbane, or indeed in my native Wellington.

So like many kiwis before me (Dad included) I used my ingenuity and made some beard oil for myself, from the best ingredients I could get my hands on, Moroccan argan oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil and natural essential oils. After rigorous testing and a couple of months later I had a perfect product. I have since added three other beard oils to the range plus moustache waxes, shave soaps, conditioning body bars, lip balms, straight razors, boar bristle brushes, timber combs and my latest product, liniment. All are produced by hand in Wellington and are GE free, organic and the best I could possibly make to overcome the problems men have with grooming. Because that's just how Dad would have done it.



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