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Need more Reasons to Visit Nelson this Summer?

Locals love the annual and biennial creative events hosted in our fair city.   Here’s a reminder and an invititation to visiors alike to explore our feast of events this summer, with just a few to whet your appetitie.

Nelson Buskers Festival – January

Hold onto your hats and get ready for jaw-dropping antics at the Nelson Buskers Festival! This January, the streets of Central Nelson will come alive with some of the world’s most mind-blowing street performers. Picture this: juggling extraordinaires, unicycling daredevils, hoop wizards, and contortionists that’ll leave you questioning the limits of the human body. But wait, there’s more! These awe-inspiring acts aren’t just about one-off tricks; they’ll be putting on full-blown street shows, family-friendly variety gigs, and even late-night cabaret to keep the laughter and amazement rolling.

Golden Bay A&P Show – January

Saddle up, folks! The Golden Bay A&P Show is bringing good ol’ country vibes and a heap of family-friendly fun this January. It’s a hoedown of epic proportions, where you can get nose-to-nose with prize-winning goats, sheep, and cattle. Yeehaw for the horse riders, cheer on the choppers and shearers, and immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of baking, flowers, art, crafts, and photography displays. And that’s not all – you can rub elbows with big machinery, snag top-quality local merchandise, and soak up helpful tips on everything ‘country.’ Make sure to hit up the Sturgeons Amusements sideshows for a dose of whimsy or dive into the all-day freebies at the entertainment hub and kids’ play area!
The Golden Bay A&P Show is held in Takaka on 3rd Sat in January each year.

Adam International Chamber Music Festival – 1st – 10th February 2024.

Get ready to be serenaded by the sweet sounds of the Adam International Chamber Music Festival! Returning with a bang in 2024, this biennial musical extravaganza is a 10-day celebration that draws music lovers from all corners of the globe. Brace yourself for extraordinary collaborations between international maestros and our very own Kiwi chamber music virtuosos. With acoustically acclaimed venues as the backdrop, prepare to be transported to a world of rarely performed chamber music. It’s a musical feast that promises to dazzle your senses and leave you craving more!
The Festival is from the 1st – 10th February 2024.  Programme and tickets available from the 1st September 2023.

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