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Wooden wonders

To Touch wood is to touch the earth

Mike Peckham has been wood turning for 43 years but has specialized in laminated wood turning for the past 20 years.
Laminating is  when layers of wood are glued or otherwise united with the grains parallel, to form boards and intriguing textures.

 More a calling than a hobby, Mike has honed his laminating skills which are now as polished as the pieces he makes.
The years of experimentation on the road to mastery have paid off.

 His specialty is Pepper and Salt Shakers which have sold  across of New Zealand through retail outlets for many years. The intricate laminated timbers inserted into the shakers make these kitchen utensils works of art, pleasing to the eye and also the hand. You can’t help but want to feel the wood.

Today Mike has branched out and his collection, both online here and in his Nelson workshop,  includes sought after bowls, lamps, candle holders, ring and trinket boxes.
He also loves to experiment with resins for the lids and when you remove one, chances are you will find a piece of paper detailing what wood has been used each unique item.  The artist shares his passion.

“My love of wood will be forever with me. I find that each piece no matter how small, has some character or texture that will not be repeated in my designs. I like to make each piece or set unique and different.  Mike Peckham

Explore Mike heritage collection. Shop here. 


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